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This local information page has been compiled from public sources.   As well as a reference for residents, this page has also been written for newcomers and visitors to Horsted Keynes who might not otherwise be able to find this information in one place. If you find any errors or omissions on this page please take the time to email We must also recommend Parish and Parishioner magazine for local information. If you live in the village, whatever your religious persuasion, you will get it delivered to your door without charge each month.

In the listings below all telephone numbers begin 01825 unless otherwise stated
Comments in small type are intended to give extra information and simply reflect the personal view of the webmasters.

The village of Horsted Keynes as seen by Google Earth from 5000 feet. Click the picture for a larger copy.
You can download a free copy of Google Earth from here


New Ballroom & Latin Class for children every Tuesday at Danehill Memorial Hall, 6.15pm - 6.45pm.
Fully qualified dance teacher with up-to-date CRB check.

For more information call Alex on 07901 962163


Learn to play for fun, from pop to jazz and everything in between. I teach children and lapsed adults wishing to take up playing again at your home or ours in Birch Grove. Lessons 45 mins each at times to suit you.
Call Jamie on 01825 740131 or 07966 691848.


Adult and Child swimming lessons
Toddler and Pre-School lessons
 Small classes held in a warm, private pool in the village
Fully qualified, CRB checked, insured.

For more information please call Diane on 01444 248482


We are pleased to include LOCAL small adverts and situations vacant here. There is at present no charge for occasional advertisers. Keep your copy to a reasonable size (about the amount of a small postcard) and include a telephone number. We reserve the right to edit your advert for reasons of space and confidentiality.

Contact webmaster@ this domain


Horsted Keynes Parish Council

Parish Clerk
Rear of Village Hall
The Green
Horsted Keynes
RH17 7AP
Parish Council Website:

The latest Parish Council minutes can be found by clicking here.


St Giles Church of England Primary School
Horsted Keynes,
Haywards Heath,
West Sussex.
RH17 7AY
Tel: 790240


School web site:

Mrs. J. Francis.
Accommodates children from 4 to 11. After this most children go on to Oathall Community College in Haywards Heath. . There is a bus provided by West Sussex County Council to take the children to and from school from outside the Post Office at 08.10 on schooldays. N.B. This bus had been somewhat unreliable in the past meaning that the parents had to organise a car rota, however things have improved dramatically and this bus is now very reliable.

Latest performance figures report on BBC web site

Horsted Keynes Preschool
Horsted Keynes Village Hall,
The Green,
Horsted Keynes
RH17 7AP.

Our village based Pre-school is a registered Charity and has been established for over 15 years.
We offer quality, Ofsted approved education and care for children from two and a half until they start Primary school.

Operating Term time only, Monday to Friday 9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Contact Becky Barnard, the Administrator, on 01825 790989 for more information or see our website

Email :

Horsted Keynes

St Giles Church

Church Office
Martindale Centre,
Station Road,
RH17 7ED

Rector  Fr. John Twisleton                     790317
Churchwardens    Richard Harrison       740570
                            Mrs Chris Wheatley    790467

Church Web Site

Parish Magazine - Parish and Parishioner "P&P"
Sally Lamb 01342 810814
Delivered free (a small donation is always welcome) to every house in the village this contains much more than church notices and the local adverts in the back of every issue are very helpful. We don't know anyone who doesn't hang onto the "P&P" as it contains much useful information for villagers of all religious persuasions.

St. Stephens Church (RC)
Hamsland, Horsted Keynes, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
C/O St. Paul's Presbytery, Hazelgrove Road, Haywards Heath. 01444 450139

Horsted Keynes

Village Youth Club at The Martindale centre
We are delighted to report that young people in school years 7 to 11 of Horsted Keynes now have somewhere to go on Wednesday evenings!
Activities planned include a drum session, “Junk 2 Funk II” show, bowling/Laserland trip, the Christmas Party and taking part in the Pink Variety Show as well as regular Club Nights.  More details when we have them, but in the mean time if you would like to turn up at the Martindale Centre after school at 7.15 to 9.15 p.m. on any Wednesday you will be made most welcome.


Family Practioners who cover this area.

The Medical Centre, High Street, Lindfield. 01444 457666 Drs A. Harding, S. Alden,
A. Reader, J. Parsley and A.J. Lawrence. Appointments 01444 483411.
Although based in Lindfield 3 miles away this is the de facto main practice for the village. A village surgery used to be held at The Martindale Centre but along with many local amenities this has now ended.

Ashdown Forest Health Centre. Lewes Road, Forest Row, Sussex RH18 5AQ
Tel: 01342 822131 Fax: 01342 826015 Drs A.R. Del Mar, D.A. Martin, S.A. Miller,
S.J. Andrews & R.J. Baxter
Exemplary web site at
Rather more remote is the other surgery which covers some parts of the village and the total area to the North and North East.


The Princess Royal Hospital.
Lewes Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 4EX    01444 441881
The Princess Royal has recently reorganised which patients are treated there and which are "offloaded" to Brighton (yes 20 miles away!). You can find a press release about this "reorganisation" here. Our opinion is that you might do better falling ill in a different area, like Leeds or London or Liverpool or... ;-)

The Queen Victoria Hospital
Holtye Road,
East Grinstead,
RH19 3DZ,
Tel: 01342 410210    Fax: 01342 317907
Web site which is extensive but fails to give some of the most basic information at    Email

Once again Horsted Keynes is in the middle, and is situated midway between two major hospitals. The larger in Haywards Heath has a full 24/7 casualty department and has a specialised neurological unit. If your problem is of a more minor nature then the A&E at The Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead (famous world wide as the home of Sir. Archibald McIndoe's "guinea pigs" during WW2 and known as "The Queen Vic" without an Eastender in sight!) is far more homely. Here you are likely to be seen by one of the National Health's new Nurse Practitioners who can do most of the jobs of a doctor and you often don't have to wait so long. The Queen Vic Casualty is only open from 9 until 6 each day but they are well able to set broken bones and put in the odd stitch. Beware if visiting The Princess Royal, their parking charges are astronomic, they don't give change on principal, and they have been known to clamp people who parked their cars without paying because they are bleeding on the floor! Just entering the grounds means that you have accepted their stringent parking terms and makes you liable to pay their parking fines and unclamping fees. The Queen Vic charges less, and are rather more interested in helping you than making money on the side running a car park!

Hospital Television

The Princess Royal now have a new money making scheme, personal televisions! Patients have a unit by their bed where they can make outside telephone calls which they will need to use if they want to watch TV. An organisation then takes your credit card number (yes, in hospital!) and then activates the TV set. The schemes' owners do however allow all patients to watch one hour of breakfast TV for free! Seeing as there used to be a free set in the corner of the ward this is not exactly generous. We would love to hear from a recent patient to hear what they think of this service - you can guess our views on making a profit from ill people already we hope!

Hospital Radio

The Princess Royal has its own radio station which is not that unusual, however this radio station can also be heard on your radio!
Provided you have a good receiver Mid Downs Radio can be heard in Horsted Keynes on 1350 KHz.
Contact them for requests if you have a relative in hospital.

Mid Downs Hospital Radio
The Studios,
The Princess Royal Hospital,
Lewes Road,
Haywards Heath
Direct telephone line 01444 441350 or via the hospital switchboard 01444 441881 ext 4139


There are National Health and private dentists and orthodontists in East Grinstead and Haywards Heath. The Main Haywards Heath Health Centre is located centrally in Heath Road, Haywards Heath. A very good place to contact for health information, child clinics, contraceptive advice (including "morning after" pill), chiropodists, N.H.S orthodontics, speech therapy, hearing tests, etc. etc. 01444 414767. The health centre itself can be hard to find first time but is actually underneath the large doctors' surgeries in Heath Road. A small car park adjoins but can get crowded and blocked, better to park in the road if you need to get away without delay.


You do not have to get the car out to get your prescription made up as there is a local service which will collect your prescription if you leave it at the shop, get it made up, and then bring the medicine to your door! There is no charge for this service which is provided by Abbotts Pharmacy in Lindfield. As this service is only provided on certain days obviously many people will prefer to get their 'script made up themselves so for you there are two independent chemists in Lindfield. The nearest Boots Chemists are in Haywards Heath and East Grinstead, both about the same size; whilst Sainsbury's in Haywards Heath have a pharmacy which is sometimes closed when it is expected to be open!

Abbotts Pharmacy 83 High Street, Lindfield, 01444 483130
This chemists shop have changed their name rather often lately which is confusing for some. They started out as "Abbotts", then went to "Harmony Pharmacy" for a couple of years when they tried to offer rather more than National Health fare with treatment and massage rooms etc. This seems to have died down a bit now and their latest sign has restored the name to one similar enough to that they used for the last century.
Opening times awaiting confirmation. Closed Saturday afternoons.

We have been serving Lindfield with pills and potions, perfumes and toiletries for over one hundred years. The remedies have changed but the old world courtesy and service remain. Cantassium vitamins and minerals, Homeopathic and herbal remedies, Aromatherapy Oils Animal Medicines, Horse Wormers, Pet foods and medicines Babies toys, clothing and accessories Prescription collection & delivery service.

Selbys Pharmacy  33 High Street, Lindfield, 01444 483614
Twenty doors away the other chemist in Lindfield is next door to the supermarket, a bit more modern and they seem to open later into the evenings until about 6.30 or so. Less health foods, more Chemists things. Take your pick!
Open 8:30 to 6:30 pm weekdays, 8:30 to 5:00pm Saturdays. Collection and Delivery service available.


St Peter and St James Hospice and Continuing Care Centre,
North Common Road,
North Chailey,
East Sussex,

Tel: 01444 471598     Fax: 01444 471088

St Peter and St James is set in 28 acres of countryside on the border of Wivelsfield Green and North Chailey and serves the towns of Lewes, Uckfield, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and surrounding villages. We provide in-house, day therapy and specialist community services. Currently, around two thirds of those in Mid Sussex needing specialist hospice care are being referred to St Peter and St James. Charity no: 1056114

Old Peoples Housing

We were not sure how to title this paragraph but if you have an aged parent and they live in sheltered accommodation you will most likely find them at The Abbeyfield Society (Mid Sussex) otherwise known as Westfield House. This recently extended building is divided into two halves with a nursing home on one side and small flats (called bungalows) on the other. Residents eat in a communal dining room and just make light meals for themselves. To be honest this is one of the better residential homes that we know of, the staff are kind and there is none of that shall we say "musty" smell that is the sign of a badly run care home. There are clubs and things to keep them stimulated and the whole ambiance is light and airy. Unfortunately to gain access one must still ring a buzzer, explain oneself and then ask to be let in, which reminds us of establishments owned by Her Majesty! We have never been sure why sane old people have to live behind such a rigid security screen. There used to be two care homes on the road to Lindfield, Paxhill Park was one of the most depressing places that we have ever visited (both our parents died there) and has thankfully closed down, the other is friendly and still open. N.B. Paxhill Park Golf Club which occupies the grounds of the former, is NOT to be confused with the previous sentence.

Westall House,
Birch Grove Rd,
Horsted Keynes
Haywards Heath
RH17 7BS
Tel. 791157


Sussex Police
The village used to have its own policeman who covered Horsted Keynes and Danehill on his push bike (the police house is still there) but to have a face to face meeting with the police (unless they come looking for you ;-) can be a little awkward in these cash starved times.
The nearest police stations are:

East Grinstead open 08.30 - 16.30 Mon to Fri and 09.00 to 13.00 Sat.
Haywards Heath
open 08.30 - 20.00 Mon to Fri and
10.00 - 18.00 Sat and Bank Holidays.
Crawley is open 08.00 - 20.00 Every Day.
The only Sussex police station with a manned 24/7 front office is in Brighton
(in Kemp Town, just up from the Palace Pier).

March 2011 - It is extremely likely that there will soon be NO police stations open 24/7 in Sussex, while others such as Heathfield are closing completely "except for appointments". Please check before travelling, especially with the present cost of petrol! A Sussex Police spokesperson said "Sussex Police are committed to improving its service to the public" - this is NOT a joke.

ONLY dial  999 or 112
Non-Emergency 0845 60 70 999
(Local call charge but can be a queue after establishing that your call is not an emergency.)

Neighbourhood Watch
Coordinated by PC Geoff Bennett at Haywards Heath Police Station 0845 60 70 999

Crime Statistics

Compared with many other areas of the country we seem to be lucky living in a quiet area where you can usually go back and find something if you happen to leave things unlocked (although the police obviously don't recommend this!) To see recent local crime reports in our area please click this link: Crime Reports


West Sussex Fire Brigade
Our nearest fire station is in Mill Green Road, Haywards Heath. RH16 1XQ
As usual in the UK the number for emergencies ONLY is 999 or 112
For non-emergency call 01444 414512

Web site -



Sussex Ambulance Service NHS Trust
40 - 42 Friars Walk, Lewes, East Sussex. BN7 2XW

Emergencies ONLY 999 or 112
Non-emergency 01273 402116

Rubbish Collections
The dust cart collects from the road outside village homes weekly.
The current collection day for Horsted Keynes is Thursday, normal rubbish one week, recycling the next. Full details on the Mid Sussex web site.

In addition several times a year on Sunday morning (much to the chagrin of church attendees ;-) you can bring household and garden waste to the car park by the British Legion free of charge courtesy of a deal with the Parish Council. This saves the car journey to the nearest council tips which are at East Grinstead and Burgess Hill. A welcome service which is well used, so get there early as the lorry leaves promptly when full. For weekly collections it is now necessary to leave your dustbin on the roadside with the lid closed. The men will not open gates to look for your bins. There is also a recycling scheme and you are given two different coloured boxes, in one you leave paper and newspapers, in the other you leave clean recyclable plastic. The boxes' contents are collected on alternate weeks so you need to get (and remember to stay) in sync with the current weeks collection schedule! The Parish Council ask that you bring your box in after the collection especially if the men have neglected to empty it. Newspapers blow everywhere, and there is no chance that the men will come back to see what they missed.


Route 270 Runs sort of hourly to East Grinstead and Haywards Heath 6 days a week with now no service at all on Sundays. So without a car you are effectively cut off on Sundays and Bank Holidays! will show you the gory details. We have been contacted by MetroBus who tell us that the service is much better that it used to be, perhaps it is but busses still often run empty (apart from the driver;-). Shame as it's use it or lose it!
The main village bus stop is located on Station Road about 20 metres south of the Post Office. There is under cover seating and clean public toilets. You will probably spend quite some time there waiting for the busses but punctuality has improved lately and the service is quite reliable. Some people who work in Haywards Heath, and even London, manage to travel regularly by bus for part of their journey. First bus into Haywards Heath about 7a.m., last into the village about 12 hours later. n.b. The 8 a.m. bus is often full meaning you can't get on for all the school children and students.

Horsted Keynes

We can't not mention Horsted Keynes railway station run by The Bluebell Railway. This now runs South to North from Sheffield Park to East Grinstead. The full trip is just over an hour long with the new Bluebell station right outside East Grinstead Sainsbury's. So there is no reason why you can't leave the car in the garage or at the station (free parking) - and get your shopping. Unfortunately the first up train is about 11a.m. and the last back at about 4 p.m. so no commuting - yet! We must also mention that local residents get a very substantial discount on The Bluebell Railway Details Here. This isn't particularly well publicised and you have to ask at Horsted Keynes station and show a locally addressed document to qualify but the discount card is worth getting if you intend to travel regularly. The Bluebell also own the line of the track from Horsted Keynes to Haywards Heath via Ardingly. Reinstalling this short line would be a real boon for commuters, but it isn't going to happen anytime soon! Parking in Haywards Heath is expensive at £8+ a day to park near the station! If you become a life member of the Bluebell you receive free First Class travel on all services FOR LIFE, at just £700, and less for over 60s this could prove quite a bargain!


Until recently we were lucky to get a 2 Meg connection in the centre of the village. Fortunately after a lot of nudging from your village web site BT have installed a mini exchange in the green cabinet opposite the Post Office. This means that most subscribers in the village who pay for a fast connection are now able to connect at a minimum of about 4 Meg. We are right on the edge of the village but have a well configured system that gives us a speed just over 7 Meg. So if internet connection speed is important to you it can be done! Naturally some villagers don't get anywhere near these speeds although distance from the village seems less important than before; some outlying farms connect at amazing speeds. Low speeds can be due to a poor telephone line but is more commonly a result of using a cheap ISP who makes users connect with too many others. With broadband you do get what you pay for! For the avoidance of doubt the Dane Hill exchange is not one of those where ISPs can install their own equipment. So "up to 20 Meg for £6 a month" just does not happen here and you will have to pay the "non service area" price! Sky and Tiscali for example charge an extra £10 a month to connect in this area. This is sometimes not made as clear as it should. At the time of writing NO provider offers cheap service from the village.

Wireless broadband in our area is not good either although the Three signal has recently improved but could not be described as good anywhere. There was an advanced scheme to install a mast just on the edge of our village which would have given us all great mobile phone and mobile broadband. Unfortunately the "not in my back yard" brigade soon put a stop to that with warnings of headaches, spontaneous cattle abortions and other scares! We are NOT joking! Now the same people are complaining in the Village Plan because they can't use their mobile phones or i-Pads to work on the village green! You might find it interesting to see what we wrote about it at the time as despite being one of the nearest houses to the proposed masts we were firmly in favour Orange mast application . Some people should leave technical matters to those who know. But at least local cattle don't get headaches! As you can guess we are really really annoyed to live in such a technological backwater.


The phone box in the centre of the village does not take coins and may not even be there much longer. This is because of "lack of use". Trouble is this village does not have a very good mobile phone coverage in most places and no service whatsoever hear the church and school, so we think this loss a little unfair!


We think it fair to say that Horsted Keynes is not well served by mobile phone services. When one operator (Orange) tried to put up a new mast in the area there was an outcry. We think that if you use mobile phones then you should be prepared to put up with the resulting infrastructure. Oh well, please see what we thought here Orange mast application .

If you live in Church Lane or beside the school and church then you will have great difficulty connecting with a mobile whatever network you use. If you are thinking of changing provider then without doubt O2 give the best coverage (but Vodafone are getting batter). In many parts you can get an O2 signal inside your home. Perhaps not everywhere but standing beside a certain window or in a certain place which at least saves having to go outside to take a call in your nightie! Of the other operators their service coverage goes (in OUR opinion) from best to worst, O2 (best), Orange, Vodaphone with T-Mobile last of the list! However we think that the T-Mobile signal has increased recently possibly due to a new transmitter in West Hoathly "leaking" signals our way. The 3 mobile broadband package seems to work well around the Green and in higher parts of the village, elsewhere it's probably best to use a landline.

Incidentally, Tesco mobile now use the O2 network so if you see a special offer phone on their network it is likely to connect well in the main parts of our village. We know people who use their iPhones on Tesco inside the village pubs.


Our telephone exchange is located a couple of miles across the fields in Dane Hill but as mentioned elsewhere on this site there is a mini broadband booster exchange in the green cabinet opposite the post office. This gives a faster broadband connection to the village. Not fast you understand, just faster. The Dane Hill exchange has not yet been upgraded so you cannot yet take advantage of the cheaper offers for a direct line from the likes of Sky etc. The latest info that we have is for a planned upgrade in the latter part of 2015.

Cost of Calls
We get nothing for writing this small section, it is just for the information of villagers.

If you use BT for your telephone calls then they have just increased the cost of connecting you - each and EVERY call that you dial even a quick "hello" now costs 9p PLUS VAT just for connection. When you add the minimum cost of the time component then the cheapest that a call will cost you is probably 11p! That is each and every call INCLUDING those where you just dial the local number without the 01825! We have found that many villagers, particularly those who are older do not realise this. So what can you do? There is an excellent service provided by . Register with them (it is FREE and there is no obligation). Then dial 18185 before each and every call and you will be astounded by the savings that you can make. 18185 charge just 5p including VAT for connecting you and then charge much less or even nothing for the time. For example at present ALL UK fixed line calls are FREE after the 5p is paid! Yes, dial 18185 and then the full number that you want to speak to and you will be charged just 5p for a 1 hour chat to anywhere in the UK! Overseas calls are extremely cheap too, just 1p per minute to speak to Australia or half a penny a minute to speak to a mobile phone in America! We understand that this may seem unbelievable but it does work and the call quality is perfect - often clearer and louder than BT! Don't be misled, these are NOT internet calls.

Their service even tell you how much your call will cost just before they put you through. For example calls to mobile phones are at present 6p per minute in the daytime and 3p a minute at weekends. So you hear "6 pence per minute" just before the call rings when you dial a UK mobile.

To repeat we have received nothing for mentioning 18185 but as many local readers tend to trust us we are passing on this information. We would love to hear how you get on with this service.

So far two positive reports from villagers, both mentioning the extremely good call quality. Another says that it's cheaper on some other services - yes but they are probably internet calls which are of lower quality.


Horsted Keynes is supplied by EDF Energy (the new name for Seeboard). Whoever you actually pay for your electricity it is through their wires that your supply comes and it is these overhead wires that can give problems. It is not at all uncommon to have power cuts lasting several hours especially in Winter but recent cable updates seem to have helped.

The village is supplied with electricity from two directions which splits it very roughly into South East and North West halves - the dividing line is across the green between the two pubs. It is almost unknown for both halves to be off supply at the same time so whilst your neighbour may be tucking into a hot meal you might well be huddled around a candle, and of course vice versa! The upshot of all this is that many residents have their own portable generators to keep the central heating pump and a few lights going, others use rechargeable batteries with inverters. The problem got so bad recently that the local old persons housing had their own full size mains back up generator installed in the garden - you have been warned, prepare for winter (or adopt a granny at Westall House old peoples home! ;-)

You can read about our power problems here .

Electricity Emergency Number
0800 783 8866 - or from a mobile use 01243 50 8866 which is cheaper, it is pre programmed into our 'phone!
DO ring them if your power goes off as they have no automatic detection equipment for small blackouts in this area
and rely on being told about faults so that they can get the engineers out.


For the sake of completeness we should mention that there is no mains gas supply in or near the village, nor is any connection mooted. There IS a high pressure underground gas supply line a couple of miles to the South which carries the main UK gas grid but we don't recommend a drill and long hose pipe ;-). Quite a number of local houses run their central heating and cooking from a bottled gas tank in the garden. A surprising number of homes still cook using kerosene.

TELEVISION  in Horsted Keynes

Horsted Keynes is at the extreme range of all the television transmitters so it will entirely depend on which part of the area you live in which television service you will receive. Most parts can get signals from the Heathfield transmitter meaning that they will get the Meridian East ITV service together with the "Tunbridge Wells" BBC local news. Others have a tall aerial pointed at Crystal Palace so they get the London ITV and BBC stations albeit with rather a lot of aircraft flutter from Gatwick Airport. There are even a few nooks and crannies to the West where the only usable signal is from Midhurst, meaning that these viewers have to watch stories about Southampton and the New Forest before all else! In Summer continental interference can virtually close down all TV reception for hours or even days on end with the picture freezing every few seconds so for a good service Sky satellite, which is not affected by this sort of interference, is to be firmly recommended.

On another television point you can't miss the fact that Horsted Keynes is on TV in one shape or form (usually Horsted Keynes Bluebell Railway station) almost every week (and sometimes several times a day  if you watch the Satellite Channels ;-). Occasionally they need film extras at short notice; the best way to join in is to join the Bluebell Railway as a member. The film people are very good and usually do their best to clean up very well after themselves, although there are exceptions. Our office still has a broken window caused by them "blowing up a train" with a massive explosion on two nights in succession at 2 a.m. for the movie Charlotte Grey. This crew were extremely arrogant and didn't even try to let villagers know what was happening. We lost two nights sleep, didn't even get free tickets, and the film flopped. (moan over!)


Unlike many (perhaps most) of our neighbouring villages Horsted Keynes still has a shop and Post Office available to all. Before getting the car out therefore please don't forget that unless these businesses are used our green will become like many others, houses (owned by weekend residents), parked cars, and little else! The businesses in the village between them stock most regular things that a family needs and after taking petrol or fares into account shopping locally for day to day items can work out cheaper than driving into town.

Horsted Keynes Stores
The Green
Horsted Keynes
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 7AP

Tel   790238
Fax  790287

Open every day including Sunday mornings, sell food, drink, wine and newspapers. Newspaper delivery service.


Horsted Keynes Post Office (Presently CLOSED)

The Post Office is presently closed. We understand that there are plans to reopen the service sooner or later but at present the nearest place to post your parcels is in Lindfield.

The Green
Horsted Keynes
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 7AE

Tel  790360

Open Monday to Saturday for pensions, benefits, cards, stationery etc., as well as the usual Post Office items, and yes you can tax your car there!
Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 5.30. Closed for lunch 1.00 - 2.15.
Closes for the day at 1.00.p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday.

Haywards Heath and East Grinstead both have the usual rather limited range of shops. In East Grinstead Woolworth's have gone but W.H.Smith, Sainsbury's, etc. are in both towns although Haywards Heath tends to have larger stores and also a small Mark's and Spencer store in the "Orchards" shopping centre. "Shopping Centre" is something of an exaggeration as there isn't much else there! Tesco have a small store in Haywards Heath round the corner from Boots the Chemist. With their limited range of goods there's not really enough for a weekly stock up, and they can't at present compete with Sainsbury's who tend to exploit  their monopoly with some of their prices, apparently one of the most expensive branches in the country!

East Grinstead has most of the above shops as well as an Argos store, together with some smaller specialist shops.

In contrast Crawley has the South's largest indoor shopping centre right in the town centre at County Mall. If a shop isn't found in or next door to County Mall then it isn't worth visiting anyway! Vast car parks giving easy access to the shops with reasonably priced parking. Crawley is about 15 minutes drive away from Horsted Keynes if you keep to the speed limit. This is highly recommended as Crawley's 30 m.p.h. speed limit (otherwise known as "The Crawley Crawl") is well enforced even at 2 a.m. with cameras a plenty. You have been warned!


The Ravenswood ( hosts top-quality national and international live music acts put on by highly-regarded local organisation, Acoustic Sussex. All profits go to charity. Visit the website for details at There are of course the two village pubs if you want a drink - neither offer much in the way of non-alcoholic entertainment unfortunatley.

OTHER NUMBERS (please advise errors or corrections by email)

Women's Institute
Monthly meetings at the Village Hall.
Secretary  Veronica Griffiths      790401
President   Jennifer Cowderoy   790333

There are 3 "Men's Institutes" in the village. The Crown, The Green Man, and the British Legion ;-)

Halls for Hire
The Village Hall             Caroline Burton 791307
The Martindale Centre   Mrs V Griffiths 790401

Useful Numbers
Horsted Keynes Parish Council    791919

Rotary Club
The local Rotary Club is held in Lindfield at The Bent Arms Hotel.
More details can be found at

Lions Club 
The local Lions Club also meets in Lindfield at The Bent Arms Hotel.
Full details on

There are many golf clubs within a short drive of Horsted Keynes, (joke ;-) the nearest is

Paxhill Park Golf Club,
West Sussex.
RH16 2QN
01444 484467 Fax 01444 482709

Horsted Keynes Cricket Club has its own web site at

Local Clubs and Organisations - amendments please to

Please note: Recently organisations as far away as Haywards Heath and East Grinstead have asked us to list their details here. As this is "HorstedKeynes.Com" to keep to our remit, we will in future consider and we are delighted to list without charge only those organisations who are either based in Horsted Keynes or those specifically for local villagers. We are sorry if this affects you, but this is a local site and there are many other internet sites for nearby villages and organisations which are aimed at a broader area in general. Obviously hotels and attractions outside the local area still qualify for listing on our other pages.

Beavers Mrs J Binstead 790067
Brownies Mrs E Berry 790837
Cubs W James 790037
HK Beaver Scouts Damian & Jo 791131
Angling Club A Jones 790864
Babysitting Circle Mrs K Griffiths 791033
Cahagnes Society    
CB Radio Network R W Cannon 740235
County Councillor Mrs P Webster 790426
Cricket Club R Fuller 01444 457850
Danehill Historical Society    
Faith in Action Mrs H Nicholson  
Football Club    
Friends of Chernobyl's
Friends of St. Giles School David Anderson 790289
Friends of Westall House Caroline Rich 790450
Glebe Allotments J Kent 790585
Gym Club Sharon Ruben 791216
Mid Sussex Martial Arts Roger Payne 791179
Royal British Legion R Humphries 790365
Stoolball Club Mrs. E Berry 790837
Tennis Club T Blunt 01342 810296
Traidcraft H Nicholson 790777
Village Hall (for bookings) Caroline Burton 790307
Village Hall (Committee)    
Women's Institute Mrs V Griffiths 790401

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