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One of your webmasters has a question. He isn't a miserable old goat (honest) but just wondered if
others agree with him? Well do you or not?

UPDATE June 1st. Seems that you DO agree. Reports of several instances of bickering stewards deliberately making cars pull over when there were no bikes coming, and even reports of minor damage to verges and a car that was unfortunately left at the side of the road overnight! We have now received several other messages all agreeing that these people took a liberty and others doubting that they had full public liability insurance. We'll let you know when (if) the organisers get in touch too! Let's just hope that we can learn from this and that the organisers do it better next year.


I left home this Sunday morning in a rush to collect a prescription. I hadn't travelled more than 50 yards only to be stopped by man waving a red flag. "Roads closed - you will have to wait or go somewhere else for your drive!"

Now I know for a fact that to close a road it takes rather more than a man with a flag so I politely asked on what authority he was acting. His reply was unprintable. Basically his friends were having a bike ride, I had the misfortune to want to travel on the same day and I could wait!

Living in Horsted Keynes we have to put up with several events over the year from the London to Brighton bike ride to the traction engines. Now I am NOT complaining about the events themselves but I AM asking why we don't get some sort of warning first? In most cases like today's bike ride we don't get any, and even on the London Brighton which legally closes the road at certain times, I was stopped a full hour before the road was meant to close!

I would love to know if the police ever check the participants. None of the bikes that I could see had warning reflectors, nor audible warning instruments (a bell to you and me). Oh yes and due care and attention went out of the window too, the riders came round the bend on the wrong side of the road with their heads down.

Can I also ask why hundreds of motorcycles are allowed to travel through the village each year, all belching fumes from badly tuned engines running old leaded petrol?

Why should they be able to break the rules of the road. How do I complain to the Parish Council?

One of the better things about living in the village is that the kids can go off and play on the village green and on their bikes. We have a huge area of open ground covering more than 30 acres where there are no roads! This includes our huge recreation ground, together with the edges of the cricket ground and tennis courts. With the return of dark evenings and children going to school early it is even more important that we all keep to the speed limit.

There are several very windy roads and there may be a horse just round the next bend. In fact there have been a number of serious accidents where rider has ended in hospital and horse at the vets (and worse). One side of the village has some large riding stables and the other side has an equine hospital so it is very common to find horse and rider together. At this point we must mention that cars are allowed to use the village roads despite some horse riders' views to the contrary!

PLEASE remember there is a limit throughout the village of Horsted Keynes. It is not just there to stop you enjoying your country drive but is there because some sad individuals think it very funny to race their cars (often paid for by their parents') to show off to their girl friends. There are also some parents who are not blameless!

Despite lots of signs there are still people who just disregard the limit and they are not the sort of people to read this page! So please if you know who they are remind them that if they run over a child or old person it will not just be the patient who will remember it for the rest of their lives. The driver and any passenger will too......screech......THUMP!

End of lecture!

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