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The Bluebell Line

- A Wonderful Smell !


Work to remove some of the hundreds of tonnes of waste that was in the way.


with your
Costs 10 - valid for 1 year

Available to residents of

Burgess Hill
Crawley Down

East Grinstead
Forest Row
Haywards Heath
Horsted Keynes

Turners Hill
West Hoathly

Apply in person (at weekends) or by post to:
Booking Office, Horsted Keynes Station, RH17 7BB
With 10 and a S.A.E. - allow 14 days for card to be issued

Talking Timetable 01825 720 850 (24 hours)
Horsted Keynes: 01825 720 831 (weekends 10am-4pm)

Railcard discounts are not available on East Grinstead to
Kingscote bus service, Golden Arrow Puillman train, Santa Specials
services, Day Out With Thomas event days or other special events

Horsted Keynes Station. Click on the picture to view full size.
That looks familiar! Horsted Keynes Station as seen on TV screens all over the world. Often disguised as somewhere else but always recognisable. The entrance way has been changed since this photo.

Perhaps you have stumbled on this page by mistake, if that is the case then you might like to take a quick look at some of our OTHER PAGES ,
or go straight to


A Local takes exception to their mispronounciation! These two "nazis" pronounced Horsted Keynes as Horsted Keenes Don't worry, the land girls got him!

A shootout on Horsted Keynes station! Mock battle during a 1940's weekend which is a regular event held in May. Unfortunately these re-enactors no longer attend.

If you're not local but have heard of Horsted Keynes before then it's almost certainly because of "The Bluebell Railway", one of the largest steam railways in the UK. Stand in the middle of the village and as long as the wind's in the right direction you can hear the toot and enjoy the smell of hot oil and steam, which even the internet can't convey - YET !

Over 50 years ago the then British Railways decided to implement a report by Dr. Beeching, who lived close by, that recommended reducing their mounting losses by the simple expedient of closing down every line that didn't make a profit! A group of train enthusiasts managed after a long battle with officialdom and with the help of a determined lady called Miss. Bessimer to reopen 4 miles of the line that used to run from East Grinstead to Lewes in Sussex. Their line ran from the station of Sheffield Park to the edge of our local station Horsted Keynes. This was the first full scale railway line to be reopened by private enterprise and has rapidly increased in size and scope. Now The Bluebell Railway is 11 miles long and a Public Company which has recently reconnected with the national network at East Grinstead.

Filming a pop video at Horsted Keynes station

If you'd like to visit The Bluebell Web Site then please follow this link, there's lots to see and do. If travelling by car then Horsted Keynes has easily the better parking facilities and a pleasant picnic spot. Metrobus route 270 busses connect with Horsted Keynes station at weekends. Please note that to placate the local residents you CANNOT park at Kingscote or even buy a ticket there (unless you arrive by bus or bike!).

Dogs are welcome on the line, and there is even a special ticket available for them. The upper part of the field at Horsted Keynes is a good place for them to let off steam. The only restrictions are entry to the buffet/restaurant building and Golden Arrow Pullman Dining Train, for obvious reasons. Guide and recognised assistance dogs are most certainly welcomed, and travel free

Local residents also get to travel on the Bluebell at a discounted fare, this concession is NOT well publicised but more details can be found here. This idea, of giving local residents, who inevitably have to put up with a certain amount of disruption and much extra traffic at weekends, cheaper admission to local attractions is one that other tourist sites might like to emulate.

There is of course a way for those especially interested in trains to join the railway society and thereby train to take part in some of its activities. In the interests of fairness your webmaster must add that there are many other steam railway societies all over the UK, many of whom being smaller may enable those wanting to actively take part achieve their ambitions quicker and perhaps as well feel more included and a part of the whole enterprise.

The Lavender Line is just 8 miles away and although short offers diesel and steam train rides. Further afield but still less than 25 miles away there are two railways, the Rother Valley Railway which hopes to soon reconnect with the Kent and East Sussex Railway which together would give a 14 mile journey all the way to Tenterden in Kent.

As we are dedicated to the village of Horsted Keynes rather than the railway itself we thought that you might be interested to see the station from a rather unusual angle looking South from the bridge over the line to East Grinstead. Here you can see that our very rural station is in fact huge with five platform faces and routes going off in three directions! Straight on leads South to Sheffield Park and to the right is the old track bed leading via Ardingly to Haywards Heath. The large roof just visible on the far left hand side and covering much of the former goods yard is for extensive modern buildings (camouflaged to look old from a distance) where the railways' carriages and wagons are repaired and some are stored. In fact with the covered area being further extended the whole area could easily be confused with a large factory site. The old railway cottages on the right, whilst being a wonderful place for retired train spotters to live, are in a very remote location. The next nearest house is at least half a mile away, a paved road some 500 metres away, and the closest that any vehicle can approach is the other side of the railway line two hundred metres from their front doors. This means a walk in all weathers along the path, over the railway bridge that this photo was taken from, and then down the hill on the other side just to reach the road to get a newspaper! The cottages are though just a "stagger" from the fully licensed Horsted Keynes station buffet which sometimes opens late into the evening! If any resident would like to lend us a view from their window overlooking the station we would be delighted to install an unofficial web cam! Recent improvements mean that high speed broadband comes in very well to these homes, so perhaps they aren't that remote from civilisation after all!


Some short videos showing action at the station, many more on YouTube .

 Garden centre East Grinstead

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