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August "D"Day for rubbish collecing changes

From August 2007 we are switching to  collections of household waste every other week. We at HorstedKeynes.Com feel that this has been "sneaked in" without any public discussion. Let us please have your views. If we hear nothing then we will assume that villagers are happy with the new rules!


No more dustbin collections in Horsted Keynes!

No the above is NOT a misprint, we have worded it carefully, but need to bring the following matter to the attention of as many residents as possible.

Many Horsted Keynes residents will not have noticed a recent statement which says that from 7 February 2005 dustmen will no longer call at homes in the area for the weekly rubbish collection! Instead ALL residents are required to bag up their rubbish and leave at the boundary of their property for collection. Naturally this will save the council a lot of time and money.

Just a minute though! What about old or disabled residents? What about people like ourselves who have to negotiate a steep flight of steps to reach our boundary, or others who have nowhere safe to leave their pile of mouldering refuse? Naturally the bags will be left in the road overnight. What happens if somebody falls over the pile or it causes an accident? Who is responsible? The refuse men arrive outside our property at exactly 7a.m. Are we required to rise early in mid-winter just to save the council money? As the following letter says they could at least give us the bags to put our rubbish in. The next thing will be a shortage of plastic sacks - wait a minute, Woolworth's and Robert Dyas have already sold out and it's only August! Just wait, soon we will only be allowed to use bags of a certain colour or thickness - watch this space!

We at HorstedKeynes.Com have already received a number of complaints from residents, one of which is reproduced below. Please feel free to add your own comment by emailing the webmasters at the usual address. We will respect your privacy if required.

To date no statement has been issued by Mid-Sussex District Council concerning a reduction in tax to compensate us for the work that we are now required to do for them!


Email received from a local resident...

I was checking the MSDC website to look for an address when I happened to notice a news item about changes to the refuse collection service. I have copied the first section:
The refuse collection service in Mid Sussex is changing.

Starting from October 2004, residents will be asked to place their refuse, in black sacks, out for collection at the edge of their property.

If you currently leave your rubbish out for collection in any location other than the edge of your property (for example at the side of your property or in your back garden) you will need to start leaving it at the edge of your property from October 2004.

If you live in a block of flats which is currently serviced by a large container, there will be no change.

Your refuse collection will remain weekly and the collection schedule will remain as normal.

The changes will occur in three phases, beginning October 2004. To find out when the change will occur in your area, check the table below.

Phase 1 starting in the w/c 04 October 2004 East Grinstead, Turners Hill, Crawley Down, Copthorne & Ashurst Wood
Phase 2, starting in the w/c 01 November 2004 Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Lindfield, Hurstpierpoint & Hassocks


Phase 3, starting in the w/c 07 February 2005 West Hoathly, Sharpthorne, Handcross, Balcombe Ardingly, Horsted Keynes, Scaynes Hill, Bolney, Sayers Common & Albourne
Ok - you may think this sounds a good idea until you read further and realise that each resident has to purchase their own plastic sacks and keep them in the bin to collect the rubbish, before lugging them to the edge of the drive on collection day! What about when you are ill or the elderly and infirm - so-called special arrangements are being planned....???
First we get the amenity freighter service withdrawn, now it looks as though we are half way to a 'dispose of your own' service - how long before you are asked to drive to the local disposal site? We are being asked to pay more council tax, yet find in this area the services are being reduced - one problem with not having a Labour Council I suppose and having minimal support from central government. Can you see this sort of thing happening in a labour -controlled area?
Perhaps you would like to insert this topic into the website so that residents can be forewarned and forearmed! What with daily bonfires and now this I am rapidly becoming disgusted of Horsted Keynes!



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