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Link to live sky view camera with current temperature.


A view from the edge of the village looking South West often giving beautiful sunset views.
Live picture of Ludwell crossroads to the south west of the village.

After three months in customs our new cameras are now here!

You will see an image from this camera only when there is daylight. At present in spring this is between approximately 6am and 7pm. Rural living of course means no street lights so there is nothing to see at night, but we leave the camera on all the time just in case a well lit UFO lands one evening! During some parts of the year afternoon sun can get into the lens giving flaring on the picture. The line that sometimes shows across the image is a power supply cable which catches the light. Like almost all of the village we get our "juice" via an overhead supply which has just been upgraded from four wires to a single combination. This is supposed to be more reliable, we'll see!


We have several other live cameras at HorstedKeynes.Com all of which we try to keep on line, but the most useful is probably the weather camera which shows a view of the sky and clouds directly above our location on the Greenwich Meridian. Then you can't miss looking at what Channel 4 in the U.K. described as the most boring page on the internet, our live view of a compost heap slowly rotting away! To see all our other camera views please click here. Remember to see any picture in its largest size just click the small view.


Here courtesy of is the same area photographed from a slightly different angle in 1910.

Many alterations are visible but that signpost is still there! Yes that's the same house as shown above but without the extension and metal railings that were added in the 1920's. The chimneys are identical but in those days there was no satellite dish on the side! Also no electricity, no gas, no central heating, no indoor bathroom or toilet, etc., etc! Oh yes, the external beams look as though they are not original, don't they? Notice how small the windows were in those days too. The house and barn to the right are still there too but today rather hidden behind the trees.

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Sunset on 20 November 2008
A recent picture of the sunset taken through the tress just to the left of the above pictures.


FEBRUARY 2017 We own copyright or permission to use every picture and all the text on this site. Almost all our pictures may be downloaded for personal use only, while many may be right clicked to be seen in best resolution.   You may not copy our pictures or text onto public media or another web site without our specific permission which will not be unreasonably refused as long as you ask first! Once bitten, twice shy, so we will pursue this policy by law if necessary. Please see "What I can and can't do with your pictures".
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