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 It's time to bring decent mobile coverage to all parts of the Parish!

If you look here you will see that more than 12 years ago the mobile company Orange wanted to install a local transmitter to improve service. Unfortunately a very well financed but equally poorly informed "not in my back yard" campaign was started bringing all sorts of completely wrongly informed scare mongering which was nevertheless very successful as the application was denied, and since then Orange and every other mobile operator have been scared to come within miles of our Parish boundary! The result is that if you look at any mobile coverage map you will see that many parts of Horsted Keynes have no mobile coverage whatsoever. Apart from being inconvenient this is downright dangerous - for example dog walkers who might have an accident.

Osteopathy now available in Horsted Keynes. Joanne de Diepold Braham is a fully registered and accredited Osteopath recently moved to the village. Osteopathy is suitable for all ages from new born to elderly.
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It's rather ironic that some of the same people who so strenuously objected to the Orange mast application are now complaining in the Village Plan that they can't use their mobile phones or their tablets etc. at home!

It's also worth reporting that had the cell site been activated there is little doubt that the other main operators would by now be sharing the mast and with it have provided at their expense a fibre connection which the whole village could have used to bring us a fast broadband connection without the present delays and fuss. The village would also have a back up internet connection to use if and when a power cut takes out the new fibre network - see here.

If nothing else, may we as webmasters ask that if another planning application is put forward villagers think very, very carefully before objecting to a pole in the corner of a field a quarter of a mile outside the village! It's worth repeating a recent report which said that a property without good mobile reception is worth up to 5% less than one with! So if you don't like the look of the mast, look at the value of your house instead!

The reason for this page is to ask for suggestion about how we might encourage the main providers to extend their coverage in our direction? We have the Bluebell Railway station - which incidentally has NO coverage over much of its area - and other local attractions yet Horsted Keynes is still in the electronic dark ages.

If YOU can suggest a way to get us some publicity do please get in touch with us.


Maps as recorded from OFCOM site 22 August 2015

OFCOM have a new utility which shows mobile phone coverage. Unfortunately the colours are a little unclear as the red areas mean NO SERVICE at all, blue means not too bad, while white is just about usable upstairs hanging out of a window with a following wind! It's back to front to most other maps where red is good - here red is bad! The results are quite depressing for a busy Sussex village located just a few miles from Gatwick airport.

First Vodafone who on paper give the best coverage in our area, that is until you actually try to make a call! On all these maps white means poor, blue means mediocre and red means no standard mobile phone service...

Next comes EE who once again only give decent coverage on the top of hills, remember red is bad. Down near the church, or walking around the station - forget it!

Now the provider that your webmaster uses - O2. This gives reasonably good coverage but it is badly affected by leaf cover with nothing in valleys. Far better in winter than spring and summer. Again almost no coverage near the church or station. The squares are several hundred metres so it can be quite a walk to get a usable signal.

Finally, if you are a Three user it's probably better to use the telephone kiosk in the centre of the village as the entire area is red = NO SERVICE! These maps all show bog standard phone coverage remember, not 3G or 4G data which is generally poor to non existent on all networks.


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