Text Box: Griffiths ?

 Some notes on the above photo by Nick Turner

In the second row of the First Aid photo Sid Carr used to be heavily involved in the football club and latterly ran a café opposite the ‘down’ bus stop before going to Canada.  Frank Chilman was keeper for the Hardy family (Brickyard owners) and his grandchildren (Lancaster) still live in the village.  Obed Maynard owned the butchers shop and his wife, Ann, had a sweet shop in East Grinstead.  Next to him is Fred Chandler and the man on the end is Frank Lambert who used to own the Hillcrest Garage, now the housing development of the same name near the Green Man.  The two ladies on either end of the front row were, I’m fairly sure, both engaged with the bakery (Phillips and Lyle) when it was in Lewes Road.  Lydia Hoadley certainly was but Dorothy Baxter and Marge Tester, both still living in Jeffries.