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Some notes on the above photo by Nick Turner

The ARP photo, as you point out, appears to include Robert Fry (back left) but I can’t believe he was old enough to have served with that group, especially as he qualified as a pilot in the RAF.  Harry Tanner lived on in the village until at least the 80’s.  [From looking at the original photo we can also confirm that a person on the extreme left has been deleted entirely!] Charlie Fraser worked on the Ashdown & General Land Co.  (Clarke’s) and was quite a character, very well spoken and always going to his work in a brightly coloured waistcoat and bow tie.  Trait(rum) Moor used to live in the cottage above Lucas Farm and did so until his death.  He had a daughter, Glenda, now Mitchell, who may still be alive in Broadfields, West Hoathly where I last saw her when I worked with her late husband, Vic.  Harry Galsworthy was ‘delicate’ from birth with what emerged as a serious heart defect.  He managed to hold down a fairly senior post at the Passport Office but died fairly young.  His mother, Emily, ran the village Post Office when it was in what is now a house immediately above the village shop and I think his son, John, may still live in or own the old family home in Lewes Road.  Ron Hopkins may be able to cast more light on that building as a shop because his father, Arthur, along with ‘Punch’ Langridge and a Miss Keeley, re-opened it as a greengrocer’s in the 50’s.  Mr Chandler was the ‘Bee Man’ on the Ashdown and his daughter, Connie Deacon, still lives in Challoners.  Kath Carr was in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada when I last heard of her, as was her father, Sid.