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The school recently held a scarecrow competition - something that is photogenic and would have no doubt interested the 60,000 visitors that this site receives each month. Yes, 60,000 on average! We would have liked to show a picture of the winner on our front page but it's too late now.

We have run this web site for our own and the villages' interest for well over 20 years - in fact was one of the first dot coms to be registered (at a cost to us of $500). Despite our regular requests for villagers to keep us up to date and provide information that we can consider for inclusion we are for some reason almost shunned by most of the village (except when they want to sell something). We don't think it's right for us to pull stuff from the P&P as we were told many years ago that it was copyright. So we wonder if it's worth going on with this site, which makes no money and is only there to bring Horsted Keynes to the world. Perhaps with all the changes to the internet we should sell the site?

Look here if you wonder why you still can't make a mobile phone call in most of Horsted Keynes

Were you at St. Giles 20 years ago? If so you might have been on TV. Video available here.

Almost time for the dreaded bonfire season to start!

Her Majesty The Queen visits Horsted Keynes - a new film discovered!

President Kennedy slept here!   BBCtv 1997 "Southern Ways" village videos

How Horsted Keynes' roads have altered 
Maps of local roads now, and a look at how the area has changed in over 200 years.

Our Information section has details of local doctors, dustmen, police, and shopping, plus local clubs and societies' contact details.

Films of Horsted Keynes in years gone by We have just started to set up this major addition to the village web site.  1953 - 1993

Old and New This ever expanding section features pictures in and around the village from more than 100 years ago - recommended.

Webcams As featured live on the BBC web site showing our village to the world.

How it was in '86 Just 25 years ago, yet the village is so altered! Pages from an early electronic disc.

Budget 3G Mobile Broadband antennas Connect from a not-spot like ours easily

Bonfire Blues Why do some residents still light up without thinking?

A Wartime Railway Tragedy remembered.

Helping you find your long lost relatives, post a free request on our Family History Help Wall.

Our French Twin We are twinned with the village of Cahagnes through the Horsted/Cahagnes Society.

Weather Live weather report direct from our village.

Pictures of beauty spot Ludwell spring.  

Power cut misery! We get far too many of them here in rural Sussex!


The Forge, 100 years agoHilary BallSt. Giles ChurchStick 'em up! I'm armed!The mill in September 2004Our own Post Office!

  Free Small Ads Looking for a job or got something to sell? Village residents can advertise here free! Providing we have room

History Snippets featuring accounts of life in the village more than 100 years ago. Including A dolmen circle around the church?  Where was the Village Boatyard?

Village Memories of war years and lots of Old Pictures of the village.  

Southern Ways 15 years ago in 1997 BBCtv South visited the village for a week of live television programmes. Look here if you would like to watch it all over again.

Places to visit We're not just the Bluebell Railway! There are many other things to do in this area.

"Land of Hope and Glory" and its authors' connections with our village, plus lots of other local interest subjects.

Horsted Keynes in the News  Look here to see the latest events that have put our village in the news.

President Kennedy slept here! No, really he did, shortly before he was assassinated.

In and around Horsted Keynes Mill. Our enlarged page with a dozen fascinating very old views of the area.

Kelly's Directory 1874 Our entry from the "Kelly's Post Office Directory" for 1874. listing local farms, businesses, landowners.

Did we photograph the Aurora Spy Plane flying over our village? As recently featured on BBCtv and Radio.

A Railway Mystery (Updated)
Solved, the reason why there are huge earthworks and a station where trains have never run. The Ouse Valley railway, started but never finished!  

Other subjects that interest local residents include Computer Cycles and Electric Scooter Instructions - FREE Downloads!

MAY 2017 We own copyright or permission to use every picture and all the text on this site. Almost all our pictures may be downloaded for personal use only, while many may be right clicked to be seen in best resolution.   You may not copy our pictures or text onto public media or another web site without our specific permission which will not be unreasonably refused as long as you ask first! Once bitten, twice shy, so we will pursue this policy by law if necessary. Please see "What I can and can't do with your pictures".
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